Summer and death cars!

With this heat wave we are having an important thing to think about is how hot your car gets when parked.  Hot car syndrome causes critical or fatal illness in children. An issue that is prevalent in other counties, and becoming more known about in New Zealand as well due to child deaths in recent years.

It is quoted in so many studies that a child can die in a hot car within 15-30 minutes. That is not much time at all - think that in a busy supermarket it may take you 15 minutes just to grab milk and get out again. In that time your baby or child could be in a critical condition due to heat stroke and dehydration.

There are a couple of interesting videos on YouTube where food is cooked inside a hot car - if food can cook imagine what it does to internal organs?




People will often think that leaving the window down a little bit will keep them cool. This study shows that while there is a difference - it is not enough to save a child left in a car.


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While New Zealand doesn't nearly have the rate of child injuries and deaths from hot cars syndrome that other countries do as our temperatures and population rise so will the risk of this.

I am of course coming from child safety in the car - however this is important to remember for your pets as well. Cars left sitting will increase in temperature at a rate that is astronomical compared to the temperature outside. 

Never leave your child in a hot car (or at all!). And ensure you have a routine to never forget your child - trust me its easier to do than what you might think!! I put my handbag in the backseat - then I have to turn around to get it and thus have visual on the backseat. Some people take a shoe off - or put their phone in the backseat. It only takes a moment of distraction for the worst to happen.


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