Why are there so many car seats on the market in NZ?

In New Zealand we are allowed 3 different standards of car seats allowed to be sold. This makes the car seat world large and confusing at the best of times. 

If your car seat doesn’t have one of these 3 stickers, then it is highly likely that it is NOT legally allowed to be used here in NZ. If it doesn’t have one of these stickers I would recommend you go and get things checked out by a Child Restraint technician, so they can advise you. 


These seats are tested under the Aus/NZ standards and allowed for use in the two counties. These are the only seats allowed to be used in Australia – and this is wise to keep in mind if you are going to be holidaying over there.

They are easily spotted by their rear and forward install use of the tether (LINK TO TETHER BLOG) and the lack of chest clip. These seats must be tethered at all times.



These seats can from various places across Europe. The number next to the E signifies the country in which the car seat has originated.
These do not have tether straps and are widely available on sale sites and Trade Me sellers.

European seats do not forward face harness past 18kg, and thus are outgrown quite early.



These are by far my most sold seats and probably the most popular within the NZ car seat market. They are easily spotted by the chest clip, and generally have higher weight limits than other seats.

All American seats are imported through registered distributors and are crash tested again upon arrival into our country. This is what makes them sometimes a little more expensive than other seats – due to the international rates, and also the testing that is completed on them.

American seats will tether as well – and the tether should always be used.


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