Babybanz - Earmuff - Mini Muff


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Brand Babybanz

Banz Mini Muffs are ear defenders with a Class 4 rating (only one grade less than industrial-strength earmuffs!), easy for little ones to wear while looking great and ensuring their precious hearing is protected from loud noises.

As well as providing superior hearing protection, the comfy design of Banz Mini Muffs makes them the most suitable ear defenders for little ones available in New Zealand.

All Banz earmuffs are sound-dampening earmuffs, which means your child can still hear you – it wouldn’t be safe, otherwise! The earmuffs do their job by dulling loud noise to a safe level.

The wide, foam-filled cushions ensure that the set doesn’t squeeze and that there is plenty of space for the ears inside the shells. As each set weighs in at just 142 grams, little ones find Banz Mini Muffs comfy and easy to wear.


When would my child need earmuffs?
  • Around power tools
  • Home renovations
  • Loud events such as children’s concerts
  • Dragracing
  • Car racing
  • Air shows
  • Childcare centres
  • On the farm
  • Boating, jetsprints and water sports
  • Noise-sensitive children
  • Around garden machinery
  • Around vacuum cleaners

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