How do I become qualified to install Car Seats?

I get asked lots about installing car seats and how to be qualified in doing this! The qualification is called a "Child Restraint Technician". This is made up of two NZQA unit standards, of which you must hold both in order to be qualified. 

Once you become qualified - you also are recertified every two years on the practical component. This keeps us all up to speed, and ensures that skills are developing as fast as the seats that are on sale within New Zealand. 

This is why we charge for our services - it is a qualification that we have paid money to get, and that we continue to pay money towards to ensure our own professional development within the industry. You wouldn't expect a plumber to work for free right? 

There are limited trainers across New Zealand that are available to train people in car seats, and the skill of "carseating". We are an expert group that have been chosen and trained ourselves due to our own knowledge and experience within the field. If you are not local to me - you can contact any of the other trainers which can be found on the NZTA website here

NZTA do have a FAQ resource available about the process to becoming a CRT as well - which you can read here

You can find and download the CRT manual that we work from when training new technicians here. This gives you some information to begin with - or just for general knowledge as well! 

If you currently work in the industry, are interested in working in the industry, or want to know more then contact Claire and she can talk you through the process. We do ask that people training are in the industry in some capacity - as to finish your qualification you need to have some supervised practice. If you don't have access to practice car seats, or someone to mentor you learning the in's and out's of all the car seats available within NZ can be difficult. 

There are practice and mentoring services available with Claire - however these are on a case by case basis and you are best to contact her directly. 

Send an e-mail through here to find out more or enquire around costs and upcoming courses! 



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