Local supporting local

We wrote a blog about why we stock NZ business where possible. Claire wanted to write something more specifically about how local supporting local really makes small businesses thrive, and how this in turn supports the community.

I am going to use the example of the lovely Krystal from Pepi.

Krystal and I knew each other from afar through friends, but we hadn't really crossed paths. I knew that I wanted her gorgeous handmade clothing in my store however and proceeded to make this happen!

I made a wholesale order - and was excited to her that she would be able to have it all ready before my opening day! What a machine this one woman business is! I remember Krystal saying thank you for the order to me when she delivered the order and we had a conversation around how even though some of her customers might buy her product from me that it in turn supports her.

It was an interesting discussion where we were able to see the full picture of how this collaboration and support for local really takes shape.

linen romper Pepi handmade

Lets take one specific item - a gorgeous linen romper for example.

  • I purchase the romper at wholesale price (as part of a bulk order)
  • This provides a bulk payment to Pepi to not only produce the product but also to make an income.
  • Krystal (Pepi's brains) is able to put money aside to buy a special toy for her children
  • Sitting Safe sells a romper
  • Sitting Safe can in turn buy more products through another local supplier to add to the shop variety
  • Krystal buys a kinder board through Sitting Safe to use as a photo prop and as a toy for her children with money earned
  • Sitting Safe purchases more wholesale items from Pepi
  • Pepi marketing advertises the kinder boards for Sitting Safe                             

                                             .....and on it goes!!!

    Collaboration and support are not mutually exclusive - however, they provide opportunity to enrich others family lives and that of the community we live in!

    August 14, 2018 by Claire McGowan

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