Working together - Supporting other NZ businesses

When we decided to open up a bricks and mortar store, Claire was very strong on the fact that we would support and stock other NZ businesses. 
Of course with car seats we cannot do this - but with everything else we tried to support other small and local businesses as much as possible. 

We have such a strong belief in supporting other small businesses - both through buying and advertising their products but also in networking and collaborating where we can. 

collaboration networking local businesses new zealand

New Zealand is a tiny place with so much talent. We have some incredible people that make amazing products at home to sell in the store. The variety is incredible, the stories of how their businesses have grown are inspiring and most of all a lot have become people we are honoured to call friends.

We've written more specifically about one of these relationships here.

Why did I want to supply only NZ Businesses?

Mainly what we see in our own generation is a turn back to handmade and quality over quantity happening. In the time since our daughter was born 8 years ago to today we have watched how other parents shop for their children. People appreciate an item that has a story behind it, one that has been made with love, and items that they know are going towards another family putting food on their own table. Supporting NZ made, NZ business and especially small business.

Why stock products from outside of New Zealand?

We quickly learnt that some of the products that people are after are not necessarily available from NZ Businesses. When we are asked about something, or something is suggested we first search through NZ businesses, ask in business groups and source NZ made. It's not always possible - but we try!
So some products are from outside of NZ - however be assured that there has been a large process that has gone before that of researching and looking for NZ business first!

So why write this blog?

We think being transparent and honest with our amazing customers is important!

We love that people ask for products, or suggest things to stock. We appreciate being able to provide an opportunity to see and touch some of these products that otherwise are just images on a screen.

Keep suggesting!

And we'll keep searching! And if you are another NZ business, and you think you fit our store and philosophy hit us up! We welcome the opportunity to stock more products!

August 14, 2018 by Claire McGowan

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